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Rector of the Original Shrine

On the 1st of July, Father Antonio Bracht from Brazil succeeded Father Marmann in the office as rector ecclesiae for the Original Shrine. On the same team are Father Ignacio Camacho, Father Lothar Herter and Father Sahaya Kumar.

Rector Bracht


Sisters of Mary from various countries all over the world take turns every three years to be in Schoenstatt. Their main task is to guarantee the daily Adoration in the Original Shrine. They pray for all the Schoenstatt projects throughout the world, and for the apostolic fruitfulness of those Schoenstatters who are actively engaged in the apostolate. They also pray for all the intentions entrusted to their prayers. These Sisters are supported by local Schoenstatters, at the moment in particular by Miss Schneider of the Women's Federation, and Mr Arendes, a Brother of Mary.



Bernadette und Norbert Weweler from the Schoenstatt Institute of Families succeed Mr. and Mrs. Fellhofer in the work for the sacristy. Also in the core team is Sister M. Anabel Gilbert.

Bernadette und Norbert Weweler

”International“ Sisters

Sisters of Mary from various countries are in Schoenstatt to welcome pilgrims from all over the world to Schoenstatt and to accompany them. Spanish, Portuguese and English are the languages that are most in demand. You can approach them if you are planning to come – individually or as a group – on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt.

”National“ german pilgrimages - The Website about the Original Shrine of the international Schoenstatt Movement.

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